of Proven Success

We have been winning serious injury cases for our clients since 1970.

When you’ve been injured because of someone’s negligence, you can’t trust your claim and your future to just any attorney. You want and need an attorney with a proven track record of success who will go the distance for you. You can trust The Stoll Law Firm to deliver you the results you deserve.

The personal injury lawyers at our Central Coast and Central California offices have maintained an impressive track record of success since 1970, and we continue to win maximum compensation for our clients. Our results demonstrate that The Stoll Law Firm is one of the largest and strongest plaintiff litigation firms in the region.

Why? Because we understand what’s at stake.
Check out our case results below.

Noteworthy Verdicts, Awards and Settlements

$39,000,000Malicious Prosecution

$28,000,000Auto vs. Bicycle

$28,000,000Truck vs. Auto – Wrongful Death

$20,000,000Premises Liability Case

$17,000,000Train vs. Pedestrian

$7,000,000Auto vs. Auto

Recent Settlements

$20,000,000Auto Accident

$11,000,000Auto vs. Pedestrian

$11,000,000Burn Accident

$10,850,000Trip and Fall


$7,000,000Crane Accident

$6,500,000Construction Accident

$5,600,000Premises Liability

$5,500,000Drunk Driving Accident

$4,000,000Train vs. Train

$3,500,000Auto Accident Case

$3,000,000Auto Accident

$2,500,000Auto Accident

$2,450,000Truck Accident

$2,300,000Negligent Security Case

$2,000,000Drunk Driving Accident

$2,000,000 Premises Liability Case

$1,750,000Wrongful Death Negligence Case

$1,600,000Negligent Security Case 

$1,475,000Auto Accident

$1,300,000Premises Liability

$1,300,000Truck Accident

$1,275,000Auto vs. Pedestrian

$1,250,000Premises Liability Case

$1,250,000Business Dispute

$1,150,000Premises Liability

$1,135,500Auto Accident

$1,100,000Auto Accident

$1,100,000Auto vs. Pedestrian

$1,100,000Construction Accident

Over $1,000,000Parking Lot Wrongful Death

Over $1,000,000Auto vs. Truck – Wrongful Death

Over $1,000,000Wrongful Death Against Famous Rap Artist

Over $1,000,000Police Excessive Force

Over $1,000,000Crane Accident


$1,000,000Auto Accident

$1,000,000Burn Case

$1,000,000Dog Attack

$1,000,000Nueva vs. John Deere Insurance Company, et al.

$1,000,000Sport Venue Accident

$1,000,000Truck Accident

$1,000,000Truck Accident

$1,000,000Truck Accident

$1,000,000Truck Accident

...and many more